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The  International  Journal  of  Geomatics, Planning  and  Resources Management (IJGPRM)  publishes  original  articles  or summaries, research  notes,  dissertations, thesis  or  books  resulting  from  research carried  out  in  the  field  of  Geomatics, resources  development  and  management.
Articles  can  be  submitted  either  in  French or in English. Its basic structures are:

Editorial Board

It  decides  on  the  orientations  for  the journal,  especially  in  the  light  of  the evolution  of  the  research  problems  in  the scientific  field.  It  proposes  themes  and Scientific  Reviewers  for  the  special numbers and validates calls for proposals.

Scientific Committee

The  scientific  committee  is  made  up  of researchers from all disciplines who may be interested  in  the  specialized  fields  of  the journal and who provide scientific in out. It  charts  the  guidelines  of  the  journal  and facilitates the running of the secretariat and the  drafting  committee. Members  of  this committee  shall  ensure,  in  collaboration with the Editorial Board,  the authenticity of articles submitted for review. Members are consulted  on  the  editorial  policy  of  the journal.  They  are  involved  in  the development  of  long-term  action  plans. They  are  consulted  on  the  issues  to  be dealt with in each of the journal aspects. Members of the scientific committee ensure anonymity  during  the  evaluation  of  articles received  by  the  editorial  board,  and propose other readers.

When  any  of  its  members  has  to  be replaced,  it  proposes  to  the  editor-in-chief some  names  of  researchers  within  the same Specialization.

Drafting Committee

It decides on the charter for the drafting and editing of articles and ensures the quality of the  drafting  language.  Its  constitution, which  falls  to  the  Editorial  Board,  varies according to the articles and themes.