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IJGPRM : Content of the seventh-eighth issue - December 2020

TANGMOUO TSOATA Francis, YEMMAFOUO Aristide, NGOUANET Chrétien. Mapping of the susceptibility to landslides in Bafoussam (Cameroon). Multi-criteria hierarchical analysis and Geographic Information Systemapproach

NDIKWÉ DOURWÉ Maurice, ISMAILA Ahmadou, AOUDOU DOUA Sylvain, AWÉ WANGMÉNÉ Salomon, SOUARÉ Konsala. Spatial changes and environmental degradation in the locality of Bétaré-Oya (East Cameroon).

Gabriel NANFACK, Julius TATA Nfor. Mapping using multi-criteria hierarchical analysis of landslide risk areas in the Menoua watershed (West Cameroon).

Reni Bibriven LILA. Landslide Geophysical Risk Modeling Using Multi-Tiered Geospatial Data for Southern California.

Ghislain NYEMBE ETAME, Eric François MEYENGUE, Marlyse NANKAP NDJANGUE, ABOUBAKAR, Yolande EKOSSO EBOUELE, Aloysisus KOTHEM LEBGA, Chrétien NGOUANET. Land use dynamics in Dizangue (Cameroon) from 1975 to 2019 and impact on the Ossa lake wildlife reserve.

Paulin GOTILO, Vincent MOUTEDE-MADJI. Contribution of the Geographic Information System (GIS) in hydroagricultural development in East Batha in Chad.

Daniele Roseline BIKIE MINDANG, Philippes MBEVO FENDOUNG. Contribution of GIS in monitoring of reforestation activities in forest School of NFS of Mbalmayo (Cameroon).

Valentine YUNINUI, Toumba OUMAROU, Michel TCHOTSOUA. An appraisal of wetland ecosystems of the Bamenda City in Cameroon : characteristics and services.

Rabiou ABDOU, Hadiza KIARI FOUGOU, Saïdou MAIDA ARGI. Peasant perception of the impacts of nutgrass cultivation (Cyperus esculentus L.) on soil degradation in Aguié department (Niger).

Florent GOHOUROU, Quonan Christia YAO-KOUASSI, Émile Aurélien AHUA. Anthropogenic pressures and degradation of surface water in San-Pedro (Côte-d'Ivoire).

Johnson MODIKA EGBE, Sylvester TABOT. Oil palm production: a panacea for rural development in Mamfe sub division in the south west region (Cameroon).

Vincent de Paul ALLAMBADEMEL, Ndikwé TCHAGO. Women's organizations and microfinance facing the challenges of empowerment and local development : the case of EXPRESS MIA in N’djamena.