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IJGPRM : Content of the first issue – June 2017


Rudant Jean Paul, Boudinaud Laure, Hosford Steven, Monjoux Eric, Sarti Francesco, Remote sensing in 2016: What strategy to face new free of access digital resources (spatial images and pedagogical support)

Ndjeuto Tchouli Prosper Innocent1, Aoudou Doua Sylvain, Tchotsoua Michel, Remote sensing and evaluation of soil occupation: case of Faro and Déo department in Adamaoua region

Aoudou Doua Sylvain, Remote sensing and mapping of the evolution of land use in the cameroonian plain of the Logone River (2005-2015)

Ndikwé Dourwé Maurice, Aoudou Doua Sylvain, Talla Tankam Narcisse, Tchotsoua Michel, Assessment of the Capacity of Carbon Sequestration in the Gallerie Forests of the Mayo Paro Watershed (Tignère Council)

Kouedjou Idriss Landry, Anaba Banimb Robert Christian, Mapongmetsem Pierre Marie, Estimation of the carbon stock of closed vegetation formations of the Department of Vina (Cameroon).

Sufo Kankeu Richard, Sonwa Denis Jean, Use of UAVs to monitor deforestation and forest degradation in the Congo Basin: state of play and comparative analysis with high-resolution satellite imagery

Ouessebanga Aristide Médard, Contribution of satellite imagery to the study of deforestation and forest degradation in the South-West of the Central African Republic

Mouhaman Issouhou, Aoudou Doua Sylvain, Tchotsoua Michel, Diachronic analysis of vegetation cover dynamics in a watershed undergoing urbanization: case of Yoyo in Méiganga from 1999 to 2015

Jean Sylvestre Makak, Anne Élisabeth Laques, Louis Marc Ropivia, Territorial division and forest management of large concessions: how to reconsider the uses of management units to reduce the risks of conflict and pressure on forests in Gabon?

Wouokoue Taffo Junior Baudoin, Nguetsop Victor François, Fonkou Théophile, Allometric equations for estimating the above-ground biomass of western highland savanna – Cameroon

Komivi Messan Akakpo Jacques Quensiere, Sébastien Gadal, Kossi Adjonou, Kouami Kokou, Characterization and spatial dynamics of vegetation cover in Togo’s protected areas: Satellite remote sensing study on the Missahoé classified forest in the plateaux region

Moundzeo L., Moutsouka F., Loutete–Bahouamio R. D., Mondzali-Lenguiya R., Some methodological approaches for the determination of albedo in Congo agrosystems

Arifou Kombate, Jean-Pierre Chery, Benoit Mertens, Remote sensing and mapping of the national forest cover of Togo: pilot study within the ODEF for the establishment of the Permanent Observatory of Forests