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IJGPRM : Content of the fourth issue – January 2019


Gilles Yvans AKAMBA, Gaston NDOCK NDOCK Joachim ETOUNA, Feature of establishment of a geodatabase for the planning and the conduct of technical network.

Claude TATUEBU TAGNE, Guy Arnaud SIMO, Remote sensing, agricultural dynamics and land use in the locality of Tenjouonoun (West Cameroon).

Bruno MUYAYA, Jean Paul RUDANT, Raymond LUMUENAMO, Patient MUAMBA, Godé KONUNGA, KALAMBAY LUMPUNGU & MUTAMBWE SHANGO, Complementary use of optical and radar satellite imagery for the mapping of tropical ecosystems in the Congo Basin: case of the Bombo Lumene hunting area and reserve and the Mangrove Marine Park (MMP) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Alexis HAMDJA NGONIRI, Colince FOFE MELI, Catherine Laure LISSOUCK, CHO COSMOS FON, Spatial analysis of the drinkable water infrastructure at the Meiganga Urban Center (Adamawa – Cameroon).

Remi Evaliste JIAGHO, Louis ZAPFACK, Louis Paul Roger KABELONG BANOHO, Impact of the exploitation System on trees at the border of Waza National Park (Cameroon) and Stratagies for a sustainable management.

Sètondji Michaël BATO, Patrick MAKOUTODE, Sylvain AOUDOU DOUA, Spatial analysis of the environmental factors of malaria in Kpomasse municipality in Benin in 2016.

Ngadoum RATNAN, Robert MADJIGOTO, Agard KOYOUMTAN, Laohoté BAOHOUTOU, Spatiotemporal variation of temperatures and precipitations in Chari-Baguirmi (Chad) from 1951 to 2010.

Marie Madeleine MBANMEYH, The dam of the Mape and the restructuring of the rural habitat of Bankim in Adamawa (Cameroon).

Gaëlle NODJIGNEMAL GOLTOB, Mbaye NGARESSEM GOLTOB, Michel TCHOTSOUA, Solid Waste Management and Economic Issues in Chad: Case study of the City of Doba (Southern Chad).

Anne Marilyse KOUADIO, Property deals and local services: the residential function in the event of the economic and sociopolitical crisis in Cocody-Abidjan.