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IJGPRM : Content of the second issue – December 2017


Neree Onguene Awana, J. T. Mbogne, E. Banfield, M. Apps, P. D. Khasa, The forest sector in the Congo basin, scientific challenges and opportunities for assessing carbon sequestration capacity.

Robert Christian Anaba Banimb, The woodlands in the margin of the Congo Basin: what place in REDD +?

Yolande Ndjuala Njongue, Marie Louise Avana Tientcheu, Eric Fotsing, Patrick Muderhwa Mutabesha, Assessing farmers’ interest in Agroforestry practices around the Mount Cameroon National park (MCNP) in Cameroon.

Abel Téwéché, Michel Tchotsoua, Participatory management of resources and reduction of woody degradation in the forest reserves of Zamay and Mayo-Louti (Far-North, Cameroon).

Zephania Nji Fogwe, Stakeholder agrarian signatures responses on the hilly flanks of Mount Oku, North West Region of Cameroon.

Joseph Youta Happi, Socio-economic and ecological implications of Eucalyptus expansion in the Western Highlands of Cameroon : The case of Koutaba.

Martin Mbengué Nguimè, Florence Anisette Bitanda, Education, populations and historical evolution of the carbon sequestration process in the Congo basin.

Patrick Muderhwa Mutabesha, Martin Tchamba Ngankam, Claude Kachaka Sudi, Yolande Ndjuala Njongue, Radar Nishuli, Agroforestry: a wood energy supply potential of villages bordering the Kahuzi Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Alphonse Yapi-Diahou, Oumarou Kouyate, Gilbert Assi Yassi, The environment at the ban of urban dynamics in Sub saharian Africa.

Aristide Yemmafouo, Roméo Keumo Songang, Chrétien Ngouanet, Guy Charly Dzalla Ngangue, Urban sprawl and expansion of industrial plantations. The forests of the Wouri’ estuary in the middle.

Books Reading Notes, Priso D. Dickens 2016. Man advances, the forest recedes: Urban production in peripheral zone of Douala: Process, actors and stakes. Editions Clés, 238 pages by Michel Tchotsoua.