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IJGPRM : Content of the fifth issue - September 2019

ANABA BANIMB Robert.C, AOUDOU DOUA Sylvain, NDJEUTO TCHOULI Prosper I., TCHOTSOUA Michel. Urban pressure, agriculture, cattle rearing and spatial dynamics of marginal forest formations: case of the upper Bini watershed (Adamaoua region in Cameroon).

ADOUM FORTEYE Amadou, KIARI FOUGOU Hadiza, TOB-RO N’Dilbé. Analysis of the modes of access and control of the natural resources of the Chadian part of Lake Chad by the rural communities.

TCHINDA MANFO Achille Janvier, PETNGA NYAMEN Simon Pierre. Extraction and marketing of gold of the Mayo-Rey Division (Northern-Cameroon).

BÉTINBAYE Yamingué, TCHOTSOUA Michel. The volunteering of the free water supply in two medium-size cities in Chad and Cameroon : Sarh and Ngaoundéré.

MVU NJOYA Marie, DOURWE NDIKWE Maurice, TSALEFAC Maurice. Dynamics of the types of land use in the Northern periphery of the Mbam and Djérem National Park (Adamaoua-Cameroon).

BIKIE MINDANG Danièle Roseline. Diachronic analysis of land use between 2007 and 2017 for the restoration of the landscape of the Teaching and Research Forest of ENEF Mbalmayo.