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The Association for Cartography and Resource Management (ACAGER) is a Local Support Agency (OAL) created by Prefectural Order No. 002/RDA/H.52 /SAAJP/ of February 10, 2011.

It is made up of a group of teacher-researchers, technicians and development actors operating in several fields, including the development of the plan for the concerted management of resources, demographic and socio-economic studies, environmental impact studies. and social and training in Geomatics; Science that uses specific computer techniques, such as Image Processing, Geographic Information Systems, Photo-Interpretation by Computer and Computer Assisted Mapping for the acquisition of spatially referenced data, their storage, processing and dissemination for decision support for the efficient and cost-effective exploitation of natural and human resources.

To carry out its activities,   ACAGER is led by a multidisciplinary team made up of geographers, cartographers, geomaticians, socioeconomists, agronomists and computer scientists, lawyers and sociologists, some of whom have already participated in a large number of development projects related to management of georeferenced information, planning and development support.


To be an international reference support organization in spatial data processing, management and transfer of geo-spatial technologies and knowledge for the promotion of a controlled development of Africa through concrete actions in the field and the popularization of the results of scientific research.


Provide high-level studies, based on the excellence of geo-spatial data quality and land-use planning research, to provide development actors, applications and value-added services to meet needs societal.


B.P. : 110, Ngaoundéré, Cameroon Tél.: (+237) 699 80 64 83 / 677 63 89 25

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