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Etudes démographiques

Our Local Support Agency provides clients with its expertise in survey methods by promoting the interest of sociology and demography. This service consists in informing, guiding and training methodological tools (Questionnaires, interview guides) and more broadly in the socio-demographic approach of a population, a social fact.


GIS and mapping

Our organization realizes and exploits Geographic Information System (GIS) databases to produce decision support tools for resolving conflicts between development actors. Basic sources of information are topographic maps, satellite images, aerial photographs, GPS surveys and surveys, interviews and field observations.


Remote sensing

Notre groupe fait également dans la télédétection à travers le téléchargement des images, le traitement des images et la cartographie diachronique.


Realization of PCD

ACAGER has to its credit already eight communal development plans (PCD) made with the help of the local actors beneficiaries (populations, traditional authorities, administrative authorities, personalities of the civil society, ...).


Popularization of scientific research

Regarding the dissemination of scientific and development information, ACAGER is responsible for:

  • Collect and centralize all information and studies relating to population problems;
  • To ensure the dissemination and popularization of the results of its research, studies and analyzes;
  • Prepare the necessary files for the development and monitoring of the resource management policy;
  • Prepare and monitor continuing education, professional development and technical assistance programs in the demographic and social fields;
  • Cooperate with similar institutions and participate in events dealing with research on human and natural resources including vegetation, soils, subsoils, water and climate.


Inventory of natural resources

  • Spatial and specific inventory of vegetation, water, soil, wildlife and mining resources.
  • Participation in the REDD+ program.

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